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If you are looking for facial and body rejuvenation treatments in Seville, at Clínica Lagüéns we offer you the most advanced technology specialized in facial and corporal rejuvenation, and a medical-aesthetic team made up of great professionals, members of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

With more than 30 years of experience, Clínica Lagüéns combines extensive experience in aesthetic medicine with the most innovative equipment, to always offer the best results.

We will carry out a diagnosis of your skin to advise you in a personalized way on the most appropriate treatments according to your wishes. We have a wide variety of treatments and appliances to create a tailor made treatment for your skin.

At Clínica Lagüéns we address all these regenerative and preventive medicine treatments. Our clinic is located in the center of Seville, on Bobby Deglané Street, next to Reyes Católicos. From here, our experienced medical-aesthetic team will advise you on everything you want to know about any treatment.

Tratamientos faciales de rejuvenecimiento en Sevilla

Dra. Soledad Lagüéns

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  • Deep facial cleanliness treatment. 
  • Intensive facial hydration by hyaluronic acid. 
  • Specific facial skin care treatments.
  • Cosmetological assessment.


  • Specific facial treatments for different age ranges.
  • Full face: Global beauty in one session.
  • Non-surgical facial lifting.
  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty. Eyelid rejuvenation and palpebral bags removal.  
  • TIXEL: Fractional skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment.
  • EXCEED. Medical Microneedling to remove facial blemishes and imperfections.
  • MORPHEUS8. Combines microneedling technology with radiofrequency therapy to stimulate natural collagen production. Treats wrinkles, age spot and sagging.
  • Removal of expression wrinkles in the upper area of the face.
  • Derma fillers for cheekbones, lips and chin.
  • Thread lift for a natural facial lifting effect.
  • Mesotherapy: Vitamins, Hydration or Tensor Lift.
  • Peeling: Rejuvenation and Whitening.
  • Erbium Laser resurfacing treatment.
  • Acne treatment: active stages and removal of marks.
  • Dermal Redensifiers: Recovers and maintains the firmness of the skin.
  • Treatment for the sagging neck skin removal.
  • Biological Densifiers as skin biostimulator.
  • Neckline rejuvenation: spot and winkles removal.  
  • Skin internal regeneration by Radiofrequency.


  • Muscle relaxing massage.
  • Manual lymph drainage.
  • Pressotherapy.


  • BODYTITE Liposuction or radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), BodyTite’s internal and external RF waves help tighten lax skin, and the liposuction removes fat deposits. Non-surgical treatment.
  • MORPHEUS8 BODY by InMode is a skin rejuvenation treatment that pairs microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. It tightens the skin, liquifies fat, improves cellulite, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars and improves “rippled” skin.
  • LPG-CM6. The new patented Alliance treatment stimulates the skin and fatty tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. At the same time, this stimulation helps to release fat and to activate blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • DEEP SLIM. Focused ultrasound to combat cellulite, localized fat and sagging.
  • MUSCULPT. Body muscle toning and localized fat removal.
  • PIROLIPÓLISIS: A specific Clínica Laguéns´ treatment combination to reduce volume, fat and sagging removal in the same procedure.
  • Buttocks augmentation:  a non-surgery medical procedure that involves the application of injectables, in order to increase, contour and change the shape of the glutes.
  • Lipolytic Mesotherapy. To reduce volume in localized areas with injections of reducing medical substances.
  • Radiofrequency. Recommended to combat the signs of sagging.
  • Shock Waves for cellulite and body shaping. High energy sound waves pass through the skin to the affected area, increasing the blood flow to help accelerate the healing process.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation, a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment used to break apart fat deposit in the body for easy removal.
  • Slimming diets: personalized, balanced and protein diets.
  • Combination therapies for body shaping, cellulite and localized fat.
  • Laser hair removal. The latest technology for any type of hair.
  • Hands rejuvenation. Speckle removal and skin redensification.
  • Stretch mark removal by fractional laser therapy.
  • Pressotherapy for medical purposes or as a complement for cellulite and fat removal treatments. 

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